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I bought a series of 3d printed cityscapes. They are 4 of my favourite cities in the world and every time I pass them hanging on the wall, I remember a moment in each one and it makes me happy

The cloud sofa is underrated compared to other designer furniture. It's so versatile and customizable, with its four-piece sectional configuration that offers endless possibilities for adjusting and rearranging to suit your style and comfort needs. It's the perfect addition to any home that wants a comfy and stylish seating option! I personally add 1 more mid seat and an extra ottoman

Great price for the quality

You'll be pleasantly surprised to know that this dupe cloud couch comes at a much more affordable price point compared to the original Cloud Couch by Restoration Hardware, which can set you back over $14,000. The quality is surprisingly great given the price. I highly recommend

easy to clean

Just wanted to let you guys know that the couch comes with removable pillowcases for your convenience. That way, you can easily toss them in the wash whenever they need a little freshening up. No need to stress about spills or stains!

Amazing and affordable Cloud couch dupe!

amazing cloud couch replica! It is filled with soft down and has plenty of room to stretch out and relax. Trust me, you won't want to get up once you sit down on this dreamy piece of furniture! Buy this dupe instead of the real one from Restoration. Your wallet will thank you.

great affordable alternative to Restoration Cloud Couch

We just got ourselves this fantastic new couch from Daedalus Designs! It is super comfy and also much more wallet-friendly compared to the pricey Restoration Cloud Couch

I am absolutely loving the way the couch fits perfectly in my space! It's just so adorable and cozy, like snuggling up in a cloud of course.

we love how the ottoman can be moved around to create extra lounging space. And while we do sometimes disconnect it, we always come back to the couch. It's just so comfy and cozy!

The couch is perfect for kicking back and enjoying your favorite flicks, but it may not be the best choice for catching up with friends or sitting up straight

may need frequent adjustment

just a heads up that our trusty couch may need a little extra love and attention. It's got some quirks like the sections not quite clicking together and moving around more than usual, so you may need to tweak it here and there. But it's totally acceptable since the sofa is indeed designed to be modular

what a steal

The price of this couch is such a great deal when you compare it to those fancy Restoration Hardware cloud couches that cost a fortune. Plus, this couch is so roomy and perfect for snuggling up with a friend for a good night's sleep.

This sofa is ideal for lounging, family rooms, and even theaters. bought my second set and added 5 ottomans for my home theater!

The sofas are incredibly soft and comfortable to sit on. Happy with my purchase!

I'm thinking of sprucing up my living room with a fresh new rug to match with this lovely cloud sofa!

It's so versatile and can be arranged in so many different ways to create distinct areas in your living room. It's like having a whole new space to relax and hang out in!

great for my living room

They're like a magical blend of soft foam and fluffy down that stay perfectly comfy over time without any of that sinking feeling

easy to clean

effortless maintenance and easy to clean. the sofa itself is really comfortable especially when I want to spend a lot of time on it watching TV.

love the modularity

The seating arrangement of the couch is modular, with 4 individual pieces that allow for flexible reconfiguration. You can add up to 7 if you want to. An additional ottoman can be used as supplementary seating or as a place to rest one's feet, adding to the versatility of the overall design. Honestly, you can add as many ottoman as you want and make it like a bed lol

just comfortable

It's true! It's like sitting or sleeping on a fluffy cloud. You'll never want to leave its heavenly embrace, it's just that comfortable!

So far so good

It has been my cozy companion for half a year now, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced a more comfortable seating situation in my entire life. Sure, it might need a little fluffing from time to time, but let's be real, if you're investing in a top of the line couch like I did, you likely have a helpful household member who can handle that quick and easy task. Trust me, if you have the means, I highly recommend treating yourself to this delightful piece of furniture. Your tushy will thank you!

A big purchase and so happy with it

Oh my goodness, we are head over heels for this sofa! It's a delight for the eyes with its stunning aesthetics. We took our time deciding to invest in this piece, and we glad we did. The quality is simply impeccable, from the expert craftsmanship to the remarkable comfort. And don't even get me started on the fabric! It's held up so well, and best of all, it's a breeze to remove. Our sofa is filled with 100% down and let me tell you, not a single feather has come loose. We couldn't be happier with our purchase!

100% real genuine leather White Togo Sofa with Ottoman

Absolutely gorgeous Sofa in a 100% real white genuine leather! They didn't have this variant in stock and I needed to request for special customization (for an extra fee). We really loved it! Well designed and comfortable replica of the Togo Sofa at bargain price. It's great for small spaces and looks great in our room. If you want customization, don't hesitate to contact their CS team, they will go extra miles to meet your requirements! Highly recommend Daedalus Designs for great customer service!

Very pleased

Looks great. High quality

Let me tell you about my favorite chair. It's the one and only chair I can sit in for hours without feeling any pain. I've had it for a little over a year now and I just bought a second one. I have to say It has a classic design and the quality is great. As a digital marketer, I spend a lot of time sitting down and this chair has been a lifesaver. It offers amazing support for those long work sessions and never leaves you feeling sweaty and uncomfortable. I'm telling you, once you've tried this chair, you won't want to sit in anything else. I know I never will!. Thanks for making such a great product.

It's sitting on carpet and the wheels glide so smoothly, I feel like I'm floating. And the back? Perfect for supporting my posture! I can tilt without any worries of tipping over and the up and down motion is like butter. Plus, the seat is firm yet so cozy and the back is padded just right. Sitting in this chair is like getting a big hug from a friend.