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Become a Daedalus Artist

Are you a digital art creator? A photographer? You've come to the right place. Sell your artwork at Daedalus Designs. Get royalty and free exposure. Start today.

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We Help Artists Make Money

Earn Royalty

Get royalty for every sale of your artwork. We handle all the fulfillment and customer service so you can focus on what you do best.

Free Exposure

Get free exposure to your artwork. Every piece will credit your name / brand / company in the title and product description.

No Hidden Costs

Sell your artwork at Daedalus Designs for free and earn royalty. No membership fees and hidden costs.

Artwork Requirements

  • The artwork must be original and you must be the rightful owner
  • High-resolution design files (JPEG) must be provided with a 4:3 ratio for the best product fit - preferably 10800 x 14400px for the largest size.
  • Image files in 300 PPI

You're responsible for providing high-quality design files as detailed above. Daedalus Designs will handle everything from product listing, printing, fulfillment, advertising, and customer service.

The only thing we ask is that you help promote yourself and your work on social media platforms and refer your followers to Daedalus Designs for the purchase.

Own Your Artwork

You visualized it, you designed it, you own it. When you sell at Daedalus Designs, you have full control of your artwork's rights.

Free Exposure & Credit

Every piece of your artwork will credit your name / brand / company in the title and product description.

Get Paid

Each time one of your artwork is purchased, we handle all the fulfillment while you get paid. Payments are sent on 5th every month through Paypal. You must have a Paypal account to be paid.

How Much do Artists Get Paid?

We pay each artist a percentage of each sale as a royalty. However, royalty agreement may be structured differently. We will send you an official document that covers everything in the agreement. We specifically designed this document so that anyone can interpret it without a law degree! We wrote it in very plain English to protect you, the artist.

How long does Daedalus Designs work with artists?

As long as possible! Our contract is indefinite and we don't require exclusivity.

Have questions?

Still have questions? Get in touch with us by sending email to and we'll get back to you ASAP.